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Protect Your Family From Online Predators

The Internet opens up an educational experience that we as parents never had access to, but there is a danger to opening the world to your underage children. Predators lurk online waiting to interact with your child without your knowledge.

Microsoft for your PC and Norton for your MAC/PC has created a suite of tools at no cost to you that help you fight against online predators. PeepTech can help you install these free tools that help you monitor and create time limits.  This gives you peace of mind and your kid’s freedom to roam the Internet free from harm.

Some of the features offered in these software suites are:

  • Web Monitoring & Filtering
  • Time Limits
  • Social Network Monitoring
  • Search Monitoring

Visit Microsoft Family Safety

Visit Nortons Online Family

Some Insight about Kids and the Internet can be found at:

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